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Writers, the Engineers of the Soul


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“Reading is not necessary”

From the Conservative corner:

“Last week from another quarter came what may be the final solution to the schools’ reading problems. According to Dr. Juanita Chambers, Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Alberta, reading isn’t even necessary.”

“As technology advances, Dr. Chambers says, people can get along very well without reading. If you are just digesting information, you don’t need to read. After all, that’s what television, radio, and tape recorders are for. “Perhaps literacy is not the only form of education,” she says. “It could be something that will be eventually left to scholars.””

“What is ever so much more important than reading books, in her view, is learning how to “read people.” ”

“High-priced, incandescent nonsense has its effect. Today a sizeable segment of the American population has regressed to the Pre-Phoenician stage. According to a study recently released by the National Science Foundation, over 25% of Americans are Pre -Copernican, believing that the sun goes around the earth, less than half 48%, are aware that humans evolved from early species, 42% believe that astrology is either “very scientific” or “sort of scientific,” in sharp contrast to a study in China where 92 per cent of people there believe horoscopes are unscientific.”

Read More: http://blogs.edmontonjournal.com/2014/03/14/forty-years-plus-of-confusion-complacence-and-incompetence-in-albert-schools/

Chosing TV over Books is Dangerous to Society

“TV serials are penned by those who have very little experience about life and society. Thus it has become a social danger…

Most of the people are now watching sub standard TV serials. These serials make the viewers … consumers. This situation will kill the human ability of thinking. But the reading of books gives a totally different experience. …

…even the educated sections of the society are loosing their thinking power by seeing the pulp serials… Such serials can create only consumers but not the thinking class of people. This is what the consumer corporate world wanted … for whom consumerism is the only aim and objective. By going away from the reading habit one’s thinking power gets lost. Thus people loose the great opportunity of learning to grow.”

More: http://m.thehindu.com/news/states/kerala/bring-back-reading-habit-to-the-society-urges-adoor/article4312728.ece/

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Books will set you free

“Whether we read for entertainment or education, it’s important to incorporate reading into our lives. Reading gives us a perspective into other people’s existence, a view of the history of humanity, and a glimpse into a possible tomorrow.

As a passive activity, when we watch television, our brains do not interact with characters or scenes. Educational stimulus is prevented as we watch scenes unfold without participating. Books on the other hand teach us about history, society, and the world we live in.

Open the floodgates of imagination and read. Books set us free.”

From: http://www.lamorindaweekly.com/archive/issue0622/Reading-Sets-the-Mind-Free.html

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No Society without Literature

“Literature is all-encompassing: it ranges from societal utilitarianism of the didactic through to the celebration of individualism embodied in post-modern work. Literature, as part of a larger cultural body, is both instructive and entertaining, and has the power to facilitate personal understanding and encourage social cohesion. The society depicted in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 is disillusioned with literature: the populace has forgotten its potential to educate and entertain, and has become sceptical of the intellectual elitism it is seen to represent. People are now captivated by the possibilities of non-discriminatory media such as television and popular music. The focus of education and recreation has shifted away from the intellectual and towards the instant gratification of physical stimulation. Initially this is seen as a solution to short-term societal problems, and as a means of promoting the happiness of the greatest number of people. However, in the long term, the removal of literature from society distances people from each other, stunts communication, and eventually effects mass isolation, dehumanisation and the collapse of all societal structure. Although this may seem unrealistically dystopian, there are elements in our society that have been developing since before Bradbury started writing – television, film and radio – that may have the potential to instigate the social collapse Bradbury foretells. Indeed, Adorno and Horkheimer, writing in the forties, argued that this potential had already been realised in the mass-production of film, and feared that television would further degrade society until the individual ceased to be defined without the general ‘society’ of which it was an element. The parallels between this view and Bradbury’s are significant. Most importantly, these commentators share the notion that truly artistic, intellectual culture is essential to society. Figures like Matthew Arnold, Victorian poet and spokesperson for education reform, have been prominent in shaping this understanding of culture. Arnold’s notions of cultural education as promoting the best aspects of society and discouraging the worst illuminate the groundwork behind Bradbury’s own fears about the loss of culture in society.”

More: http://www.studentpulse.com/articles/606/literature-as-a-social-tool-education-and-cohesion-or-class-domination

Pick up a book and ditch your TV!

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