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elections 2012
From the author of WikiJustice comes this gripping tale of sinister force that threatens to undermine the foundations of the World’s only Superpower.It’s the year of elections. Powerful men and sinister corporations want to seat their own candidate in the White House – a puppet dictator who will serve their interests. Can Martin Borneman stand up to the force of THE BLACK VAULT? Can one man stop the conspiracy that threatens to turn America into a fascist dictatorship?Available in Paperback (soon), Kindle, and ePub
Paperback or Ebook
“WikiLeaks meets Jack London’s The Assassination Bureau, Ltd.”From the author of the internationally-acclaimed novel, The Fifth Internationale, comes this riveting new thriller.Thousands of classified documents are released by the whistleblower portal, exposing government and corporate lies and abuses, yet not one guilty culprit is held accountable.Damian Allende has had enough. He launches WikiJustice – an online networking site – where anyone can judge public figures who consider themselves above the law.

Soon, lynchings ensue. Crooked politicians, CEOs of greedy corporations, and corrupt police officers, are found dead.

But not all is what it seems. Damian discovers that someone is taking advantage of WikiJustice to further a dangerous agenda…

Available in Paperback, Kindle, and ePub

best thriller
From the author of WikiJustice comes this internationally-acclaimed and gripping thriller of the post Cold War world of espionage.Now that the Iron Curtain had come crushing down, and Soviet satellite countries switched allegiance to the United States, their communist spies are no longer needed. Hundreds of thousands are discharged, but not retired – they form The Fifth Internationale, building a global conspiracy that will allow them to manipulate world governments to their own end.Only one man can stop them.

Available in Paperback, Kindle, and ePub

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