Ask not what you can do for books, but what books can do for you

“Reading is the key that unlocks the mind …

Reading is the building block to learning and helps to teach positive values which are good for a healthy mind. A book can teach you about the mysteries that life holds. Through reading you can become what you want to be in life.

We read to discipline our mind to behave in a particular way, to fill the mind with knowledge, skills, attitude and experience, to calm the mind in times of stress, conflict and tension, to recreate the mind for relaxation and enjoyment.

Reading helps improve your vocabulary, your concentration, your communication skills, and your ability to understand things and situations.
Reading inspirational stories can give you the motivation you need. In times of misfortune, or if you are in low spirits, just pick up a motivational book and it will provide comfort. A book is a friend which can give you positive and uplifting direction in life.

… if you read on a regular basis it can help you to relax and quieten your mind which in turn can help you reduce your stress levels No matter how much stress you have at work, in your personal relationships, or countless other issues, it all slips away when you engage yourself in reading


What else you gain by reading:

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