Cure for Inhumane Doctors: Literature

“Traditional medical training, focused on bioscience, is […] failing to provide the human, emotional and practical skills doctors need to deal with everyday tragedy, let alone disasters […] “One comes out not knowing how to deal with real-life situations that don’t necessarily require a written prescription.  I believe a number of medical schools around the world might be churning out ‘robots’ with few other human skills.”

“Doctors should learn in a culture that teaches them to recognise and acknowledge human fear, rage, hope, ambivalence, finitude and courage, to be open rather than closed and to flourish in uncertainty rather than the illusion of facts. The arts illuminate this view, not science.”

“80% of diagnoses depend on the patient’s story, and studying poetry or literature can enhance [medical] students’ narrative competence and improve their ability to relate to different cultures and groups.”


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