Oxygen for the Mind

“Today our children don’t read works of imagination and the results are what we see today. Children or students who don’t ask questions in class but just take in everything the teachers feed them. Because we don’t learn to think, that is why we have students and workers who just copy and paste everything.

“Reading should not end after class or when the teacher leaves the classroom. Both parents and teachers should encourage children to read. Buying them books to read is one thing and making sure they read them is another.

“It’s high time we parents realised the big mistake we are making by taking our children to school but not encouraging them to read.

“…children and young people need good books, funny books, emotional books, fantasy books, books that enable them to think and see in new ways.

“If you live without oxygen, you suffocate. And books are the oxygen of the mind, even in these days of the internet.”

From: ippmedia.com

One response to “Oxygen for the Mind

  1. Great blog! This is so true. I am thankful I was raised by a mom who took time to sit and read to me before I learned to read for myself and took me to the library every summer to choose books I would enjoy. She instilled a love for books and reading that I will always carry with me. I read for knowledge, I read for inspiration, I read to remove myself from circumstances that have become overwhelming to my heart, soul or spirit, but most of all I read for pure enjoyment. What a wonderful gift my mom gave me when she not only gave me quality time with her, but she gave me a love of books that will be with me forever. How can today’s parents do less for their children?

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