Why we read fiction

“One of the attractions readers often cite as their explanation for their passion for books is the opportunity for escapism they offer. But sometimes … the new realities we encounter bear little or no relatoin to the realities we’re leaving behind.

The question of why we read is a huge one, but the classic (if often armchair) argument of fiction as escapism does in fact hanker after an element of truth. These are other realities, other layers of experience we dip into, and we dip for a reason or reasons

Fiction and fact are the other worlds we can immerse ourselves into, the virtual reality headsets we can don to evade being unable to deal with the absolute horror of our universe – of time having moved inexorably on, of being unable to go back, without losing our minds.”

More: http://www.foyles.co.uk/Public/Biblio/Detail.aspx?blogId=1156

SpyWriter Jack King “A new King of thrillers on the horizon” http://www.SpyWriter.com


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