Becoming a better person starts with a children’s book

“Often, people discover reading at a young age. Beginning with colorful children’s books, readers learn to appreciate stories and eventually, create their own. But beyond inspiring readers to become writers, books can actually help children to become better people.” …

“reading fiction improves relationship competency, as reading can create self-understanding. “Any novel adds to the reader’s store of experience of how people feel, think, behave and react. Such experience is the currency of human interaction and understanding of self. Fiction offers a way into that world,” …

“reading and exposure to stories in all their forms helps children develop a wider understanding of the world, as well as decision-making skills.” …

“when children read, they are exposed to a pattern of conflict resolution.” …

“We need to remind ourselves that when writers and storytellers make up stories, they become exemplars of problem-solving using the imagination. The more stories the children absorb, the more they absorb the model,”…

“reading teaches children to experience more richly aspects of their own world. Reading … is not just about literacy. “It’s about people literacy. Through stories children develop a greater capacity for empathy. Through stories they develop a capacity to read and know others in their own lives,”” 


Jack King “A new King of thrillers”:


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