Literature will save your brain

Worried that your mind deteriorates as you age? Forget Sudoku. Literature will save your brain:

“A study … scientifically demonstrates the suggestive powers of rhetorical figures of speech in stimulating cerebral activity…

research has demonstrated the success of the rhetorical level of literary figures of speech. The explanation for the effectiveness of these is their ability to attract the attention of the listener(s). “The front part of the brain is activated and more resources in the cerebral process for this expression are employed”, pointing to the result of the experiments having to do “with the activity that requires processing the abstraction of rhetorical figures of speech such as the oxymoron, which aim to communicate things that do not exist”.

And thus the more difficult the text, the harder your brain works, the better it is for you:

“Research results show that the less natural the expression the more resources are required for it to be processed in the left front side of the brain”.


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