How to turn kids into readers

When I was a kid growing up overseas there were only two channels on TV, and neither went live until sometime in the afternoon, so my parents could not place me in front of the nanny that is the TV, in hope that it would raise me. Instead they gave me books and colored pencils to draw on the pages. I can’t claim that this turned me into a writer, but perhaps it did help make me a reader. How do you turn your kids into readers these days? A parenting column offers this advise:

“In her column, D’Arcy asked Meyers how parents should go about instilling a love of books and reading in their children.

Meyers had a lot to say, listing multiple tips for pre- to early readers and even a few for older readers.

One inspired idea is for parents to turn down the sound of the television when a child is watching a program and asking the child to tell the story of what he or she thinks is going on.

Another idea I liked is for a child to have his own bookshelf in his room. A sense of “ownership” is big with kids.

As you might guess, regular trips to the library or bookstore– I choose library for financial and mental-sanity reasons– are key. As is letting kids pick what they want to read.

Another inspired idea is browsing author’s websites.

Meyers also reminds parents not to forget poetry.

For big kids, Meyers urges parents to make reading a family activity.”


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