Pentagon in your home and everyday life


“Armchair sociologists like to ponder the distance between military and civilian life. In the tech world, at least, they’re not so far apart. Innovations that began with the U.S.’ well-funded defense establishment almost always filter down into commercial, mundane usage. Sometimes in unexpected ways. Here are some of our favorite examples:

Microwave Oven. The origins of the microwave are even freakier than this ’60s-era mockup of a hanging heat lamp that fried your bacon. Percy Spencer, an engineer with the defense giant Raytheon, thought he was building magnetron for radar sets. Suddenly he discovered his pants were a sticky mess. A Mr. Goodbar he kept in his pocket had melted from the heat emitted from his active radar set. From that embarrassing accident came a multimillion dollar industry — and one of the great twin blessings and curses of the American kitchen.”


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