What triggers Echelon?

While browsing through some old files I found this little ditty by Kieren McCarthy, from May 31, 2001:

“What are those words that trigger Echelon?  According to various UK media sources today, the buzzwords said to trigger the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand spying mechanism Echelon have been “posted on the Internet”. We haven’t found the file and it hasn’t popped up on the authoritative site for these sorts of things, Cryptome.org, so we’d not put too much weight behind it. However, just for your interest, we give you a quick run-through on what some of the words are. There are the obvious phrases like “Kill the President” which caused two schoolboys from the UK to be quizzed by special branch, “anarchy”, “echelon” :-), “nuclear”, “assassinate”.

Then there are ones that are dodgy (cause they fit in with X-file type paranoia) like “Roswell”, “Waco”, “World Trade Center”, “Soros” – after George Soros, “Whitewater”. Then there are a suspiciously large number of hacker names: Furby, Bugs Bunny, Bubba the Love etc. But just when we thought it was obviously some script-kiddie hoax, a few interesting words crop up: FRU – the cover name for the SAS in Northern Ireland, Lebed – an ex-Russian general, now a politician, HALO – a type of parachute jump, Spetznaz – the Russian SAS, Al Amn al-Askari – a member of the Iraqi cabinet, Glock 26 – a ceramic handgun that can’t be detected by airport scanners (a reader informs us that the Glock 26 is only partly ceramic, the bullets are metal and is can be detected at airports – so we should really shift this one into the X-file list), Steak Knife – the codename for an IRA double agent, And so on and so forth. Go through them carefully to satisfy your paranoid fantasies (you’ll be safe under the bed, trust us).”

I don’t recall where this piece appeared so the only credit given is the above.

For more on Echelon visit SpyWriter.

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