Silly Season Blues | LitBash 36

Had enough of the silly season? Forget the newspapers. Pick up a book. Start with writers who were…

Born this week:

Ray Bradbury, USA
“Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage.”

Juliette Adam, France

Jorge Luis Borges, Argentina
“Reading … is an activity subsequent to writing: more resigned, more civil, more intellectual.”

Paulo Coelho, Brasil

Frederic Forsyth, UK

Jules Romains, France
“Healthy people are invalids who don’t know it.”

Hans Zbinden, Switzerland

Julio Cortazar, Argentina
“The snail lives the way I like to live; he carries his own home with him.”

Theodore Dreiser, USA
“Literature, outside of the masters, has given us but one idea of the mistress, the subtle, calculating siren who delights to prey on the souls of men.”

Ira Levin, USA

Johann von Goethe, Germany
“There is strong shadow where there is much light.”

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, Ireland

“He has attained supremacy in one particular line: he succeeds in inspiring a mysterious terror better than any other writer.”

Died this week:

Roger Martin du Gard, France

Ignazio Silone, Italy

Simone Weil, France
“Art is the symbol of the two noblest human efforts: to construct and to refrain from destruction.”

Eyvind Johnson, Sweden
“One should think that you’re someone living in the future and that you have to judge – approve or disapprove – the I that acts today, the I that keeps up or fails.”

Truman Capote, USA
“The brain may take advice, but not the heart, and love, having no geography, knows no boundaries.”

Mika Waltari, Finland
“Life is a hot day, perhaps death is a cool night. Life is a shallow bay, perhaps death is a clear, deep sea.”

Robert Pinget, France

Lope de Vega, Spain

Konstantin Simonov, Russia

Michael Ende, Germany
“Time is Life.”


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