Writers and society

“The real writer decides by himself. He is a loner. And he must assume his solitude,“ advised Lyonel Trouillot”, who took part in the conference “on the idea of the commitment of the writer and the impact of literature on society.

Contrarily to misinterpretations of the role of the writer, literature which many consider as “the faithful mirror of society thus implying and expecting change and transformation to come from these,” Lyonel Trouillot, thinks and states otherwise.

“It is not for the writer to change the world, it is rather for the citizen to do so.” “For, he says, literature is just showing things, such as the situation of the world and is not changing things”.

“Literature uses language for aesthetic purposes like fine arts… ” And while evoking the real or denouncing the unacceptable, revolting, situations, “we (the writers), write because we have something in ourselves for which we need a channel of expression.”

That’s the goal of literary creation. “So we’re not going to change reality by literature but going to show what reality is.””



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