Writers and Social Media

Recently Malcolm Gladwell weighed in on the relevance of Facebook and Twitter. His answer was a vigorous headshake, so vigorous the head could actually unscrew. Seems Gladwell unnerved a touchy subject. Everyone is running in circles, like headless roosters. Are Social Media of any use to writers / novelists?

Louis-Ferdinand Céline answers (and long before the emergence of these services):

“Let’s talk about work, the job of writing. It’s the only thing that counts. And even that calls for a good deal of indiscretion. Too much publicity in the way people talk about these things. We’re objects of publicity. It’s revolting. It’s high time people took a cure of modesty. In literature as in everything else we’re befouled by publicity. It’s disgraceful. I say: do your job and shut up, that’s the only way. People will read it or they won’t read it, that’s their business. The only thing for the author to do is to make himself scarce.”


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