So, you want to be a writer?

“So, you’ve decided that a writer is what you want to be. You’ve got a manuscript or two finished and you’re pounding the internet looking for an agent or a publisher who might be kind enough to look at your work. You’ve got copies printed, envelopes ready and you’ve spent a fortune in postage to send out your baby. Then you wait for a reply. But this takes time and you still have to go to work, pay bills, and eat. So, what are your options?

Do you continue in your current job, hoping for that acceptance letter and hefty advance? Well, since the advance part is highly unlikely to happen, and acceptance letters have been known to take years to arrive, you’ll most likely have to work indefinitely, and that’s whether you publish or not. Sadly, an author is not known to be a rich sort of career. But what if you could write and get paid?” READ ON and then See what you’re REALLY up against.


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