How to end all war, by George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw found (inadvertently) a solution to end all wars, if only women would stop gossiping around their TEA parties, join the military and fight the wars that they cheer for:

“The closing of the fighting services [to women] is socially necessary, as women are far too valuable to have their lives risked in battle as well as in child-bearing. If ninenty out of every hundred young men were killed we could recover from the loss, but if ninety out of every hundred women were killed there would be an end of the nation.”

These days when males are too obese to join the military, the women fill the gaps, yet wars still go on. But… if women were to kill their children before shipping off to distant lands to kill other people’s children then surely all wars would end, right?

The quote comes from “The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism and Capitalism”, by George Bernard Shaw.


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