Writing for the mental orgasm

Some inspiring words for today:

A Professor of Literature at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Segun Adekoya, dwelt on the essence of writing when he said, “Imaginative writing has no final objective aesthetic criteria for assessment, and it goes beyond winning a literary prize or awards. But writers who labour hard to imagine the impossible and hone their style acutely to express the inexpressible, find consolation in the mental orgasm that accompanies all rigorous acts of writing.”

From the Medieval, Greco-Roman, Restoration, Elizabethan, Romantic, Victorian to the Modern, some writers have, over time, proved their creative resourcefulness. Though they write essentially for change and not for awards, they are continually adorned with literary laurels for their preoccupations with the society.

As long as the muse still inspires, literature will continue to be courted by those from unrelated fields who covet the vibes surrounding the literati. MORE


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