A writer’s profession isn’t purely literary

“Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa said in an interview published over the weekend that he will not change his political convictions for the sake of winning literary prizes […]

Vargas Llosa spoke about literature and said that he tries “to be coherent with the things” he believes in and that “a writer’s profession doesn’t end with the purely literary.”

Vargas Llosa said that the kind of literature he creates stems from ideas he learned as a youth reading France’s Jean-Paul Sartre, an author who in his opinion “aged very quickly” due to his writing’s lack of spontaneity, but with whose concept of the “committed writer” he agrees totally.

Nonetheless, he admits that he sometimes errs, since the only way not to make mistakes is to say nothing, something that, in his opinion, doesn’t agree with the kind of person he is.” MORE


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