Just call me GOD

Read some studies on human longevity where the authors / scientists claim that it is only a matter of fine-tuning humans to easily surpass the age of 200 or longer, perhaps even to live forever. Heard an interesting interview on the radio where the scientist suggested that longevity does not mean living in a decrepit body – in fact a 200 year old will look like a 30 year old stud.

People living forever, eh? People impervious to the passing of time, diseases, and nature. On the surface it sounds exciting, but what are the ramifications of such supernatural beings walking the Earth? What happens when death is no longer the inevitable outcome? What about the dreams, plans and desires of people not bound by time and health restrictions? Will people live lives previously reserved only for Gods, much as the ancient, the Greek Gods did – without any moral breaks? Will progress continue or halt? Biological life span, not just religion, is responsible for our moral development – will lack of death lead to abandonment of ethical restrictions (the result of understanding of life and death)?

Faced with eternal existence will humans replace God(s)? Will they become Gods of immorality, much as the Greek Gods were?

Who will worship Gods when everyone is a God? Do Gods exist when there is no one to worship them?

I wonder. The articles and interviews answered nothing and only created more questions. To question is human – the day we stop asking questions we will become either dead or Gods.


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